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Introducing Dexter Do, Nail Artist Extraordinarie and owner of The Nailery Beauty Center.

Dexter grew up in Honolulu, attended McKinley High School, and graduated from the University of Hawaii School of Business. After moving to Florida, Dexter became very interested in doing nails and attended a specialized school to attain his license as a manicurist. There, he opened the first “Nailery” in South Daytona.

Dexter’s crowning achievement is winning the second place title at the 2002 World Nail Competition a prestigious nternational nail art competition that takes place in Las Vegas every year. Dexter won second place in the artistic design category with his mind-blowing impression of a Wyland painting on acrylic nails.

“The Nailery” is derived from the idea that Dexter’s nail salon is also a gallery, displaying Dexter’s exquisite works as fine art. Today, Dexter operates the Nailery with his wife, Moon. Together, they provide unique and custom nail art designs, always catering to each individual’s unique style and taste.

Dexter does consultation for brides-to-be with nail design for their whole bridal party. He also provides group services for “Girls Night Out” events and private company parties. Dexter’s nail art services extend outside of the Nailery. He most recently lent his nail art expertise to the Old Follies Production at the Arcadia Senior Home and the Miss Hawaii Pageant 2010. Dexter also helped celebrate the birthday of Hawaii’s renowned photographer, Russell Tanoue, at the Pacific Club. Expect to see more of Dexter’s fine art at Hawaii’s Wedding and Bridal Expos, where he works his nail magic on expo models.

Dexter is living proof that following your passions can lead to great things. Passion is what sets the good from the extraordinary.

Visit “The Nailery Beauty Center” at 1646 Kapiolani Bld. Unit B.

{ From Dexter's Blog }

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